The MOS2S project focuses on media orchestration platforms and technologies that allow devices, data and media streams to be orchestrated into a rich and coherent media experience on various end-user devices. Applications include crowd journalism and live events (experience and entertainment).

Collaborative storytelling

Broadcasted events are enhanced with crowd contribution-based highlights, providing an immersive and multi-perspective race experience, curated by a professional editor. The tools also enables citizen journalism that can benefit broadcasters, news agencies and cities.

Ultra-wideview capture and rendering

The consortium proves a feasibility of 8K-grade 360VR service to the real viewers at home. For that purpose, the consortium aims to provide an end-to-end solution for the 8K-grade 360VR service. On September 6, 2018, the world's first live intercontinental ultra-wide view broadcast has been transmitted between The Netherlands and Korea. 

Coach on the couch

We demonstrate a data-integrated interactive video system and mobile application, featuring navigable 360/UHD video and real-time player and game statistics.

Enriching the live event fan experience

Our research and tools can help to accelerate new, unique Smart Venue applications that improve profitability, safety and customer experience.