About MOS2S

MOS2S develops, tests and embeds audiovisual technologies in the Smart Venue Playground. The Playground serves as an experimental platform to support proof-of-concepts and trials, and focuses on extending and enhancing the experience of venue visitors and home viewers. MOS2S helps to accelerate new, unique Smart Venue applications that improve profitability, safety and customer experience.


Addressing the Challenge

The proliferation of novel audiovisual sensors, all producing huge amounts of data and video, is an important aspect of the Smart Venue environment.

The art is to harvest and combine this wealth of data and video in an orchestrated way, enabling a variety of attractive applications for information, participation, entertainment and security.

However, the successful development, testing and deployment of Smart City solutions with and towards its end-users is highly complex. Most cities are not equipped to deal with the required process of infrastructure development, technology deployment and end-user trialing, or do not provide the advanced underlying infrastructure to test and deploy these innovative ICT solutions.

Proposed Solutions

This project focuses on media orchestration platforms and technologies that allow devices, data and media streams along with resources to be orchestrated into a rich and coherent media experience on various end-user devices.

Applications include crowd journalism (citizen information and participation), live events (citizen experience and entertainment) and event security (citizen safety and security). These cases build upon advanced sensor, networking and cloud infrastructures, and leverage emerging media and data analysis, analysis, processing and streaming technologies.


The MOS2S consortium comprises partners from industry and research that together encompass all the necessary technological components: networking and cloud technology, data brokerage, orchestration between video sources and sensor data, video analysis and stitching, broadcast production and distribution, and a smart venue as a proxy and playground for a smart city.

Projected Results and Impacts

The combined technologies and experience of these partners enable unique world class innovation that will allow them to introduce captivating new products and services.

The applications that MOS2S provides will impact the global markets of wireless data and video communications (4G/5G), the market of broadcast and live event production (news and sports production in particular) and the market of smart venue applications and infrastructure.

Given the size of each of these markets, the potential global impact of MOS2S is quite significant.


  • 3 years
  • Start: 1 October 2016
  • End: 30 September 2019

Programme & Funding

MOS2S is an ITEA3 project from call 2 (reference: 15022). ITEA3 is an Eureka cluster. The project is being managed by ITEA3.

Partners receive public funding from their local funding agencies:

  • Belgium: IWT (Flemish partners)
  • Netherlands: RVO
  • Korea: KIAT