sensorssmart venue

Coach on the couch

We demonstrate a data-integrated interactive video system and mobile application, featuring navigable 360/ultrahigh definition (UHD) video and real-time player and game statistics.

Real time data and UHD video

We combine tracking data and ultrahigh definition video images in real time in an in-stadium smartphone app that lets fans get more information about the players and match by using augmented reality layers. For example, fans can determine their team’s game tactics, follow a specific player, and more. At the same time, the technology provides an innovative TV experience for the viewer at home.

The tracking and UHD video data streams can be shown via an app on an IPTV set-top box. This allows home viewers to watch the live sport or music event and also access extra information on their television set, or on streaming apps on second screens, such as smartphones and tablets.

Event management

Tracking persons or objects in combination with UHD video can be useful to event management. For example, technology that allows us to follow medical and security personnel during live events will help give the event management team better operational control in complex situations.