Crowd journalismUser generated content

Enhancing the pre and post experience during the Tour of Flanders

Coverage of the professional Tour of Flanders is enriched with live content contributed by the crowd watching the race. Curated by a professional editor, these highlights will provide an immersive and multi-perspective race experience.

An interactive application enables users to submit content (text, images, audio and video) as well as consume content shared by a broadcaster (e.g. radio, sports or news station).
From a broadcaster’s perspective, news editors can easily segment and collect user content by a specific topic or location. In effect, end users become reporters in the field.

The app’s editorial dashboard makes it easy to reach users for updates and polls. Besides content contribution, the app enables news editors to search and analyse social media. By adapting their current workflow into a set of tools, editors will be able to efficiently collect information, tailored to their news stories.

We demonstrate how novel editorial tools and end-user apps can be used to augment traditional professional race coverage with crowd-contributed highlights, curated by a professional (news) editor to provide viewers with an enriching immersive and multi-perspective race experience.